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2014 Chapter Technology Awards

January 7, 2014

Now that the Distinguished Lecturer Program activity is complete for 2013-2014, it is now time to start thinking about the Chapter Technology Awards Program.  We had another successful award season for 2014 (winners to be announced at New York City in January), and a good time to start your campaign will be immediately following the announcement. 


Here is a link to the program overview for your use.–conferences/honors–awards/technology-awards-program-overview


Historically, Region XI has been very strong with respect to submitting high quality applications/projects, and receiving award recognition.  The program started in 1999, and Region XI has received a total of 30 awards, with only 2 Regions receiving more awards; Region II  has won 54 awards, and Region X has claimed 36 awards.  A copy of the awards history is attached, including the 2014 winners.  Region XI tied with Region II for the most awards!


The chapter and region awards have the option of using the Short Form, or the Long Form.  To be completely honest, it is easier to judge a Long Form application, however considerable more effort is required of the engineer to do so.  In order to encourage the most participation, either form is acceptable.   Both forms are attached for your use.


More information can be found at the following link:–conferences/honors–awards/technology-awards-program


It has been very helpful in the past for engineers to see application samples.  I have 4 samples, all 2013 First Place Winners, available for you to share with permission from the winners.  Let me know if you would like to receive these samples; the zip file is 4MB, or I can split them up into smaller attachments, if needed.


DUE DATES:  Chapters can establish their own due dates, taking into consideration the amount of time for applicants to incorporate any chapter review comments in time to submit to Region XI.  The due date for the Region XI Technology Awards will be at or around April 28.  Region XI winners will be announced at the CRC May 8-10 in Richland, WA.


Some ideas to help you along:


Enlist a judging committee early – your committee can help contact engineering firms to solicit applications.  

Check other awards programs, i.e. AIA, to help target possible projects.


I will be checking in with you in 2014 to see how I can help, and review your progress.  If I don’t chat with you beforehand, have a very happy holiday season!




Leslie Jonsson


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